Ra Ruffle Heart Plate

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Select collections are hand painted with 24k gold and genuine platinum, and then each piece is individually set by hand into kilns, where at high temperatures the glass drapes over handmade ceramic molds. Precious metals permanently fuse to the glass during this step, and the glass “slumps” into their mold’s individual patterns, rendering each piece of Annieglass a unique work of art. The 24k gold and genuine platinum reveal the artisans’ individual brush strokes, as well as a slightly distressed appearance  from the organic materials’ movement during kiln fire. These effects are by no means a defect, but rather are intentionally crafted  into every unique Annieglass piece to celebrate the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi—in which asymmetry and “imperfection” enhance beauty.

Designed from her heart with yours in mind, Annie has designed the contemporary Annieglass Ruffled Heart, perfect for so many occasions and so many uses.  Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or an Anniversary, this symbol of love is sure to please!

  • 8" Heart
  • Dishwasher Safe 
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